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COMMODITY :Caustic soda solid

APPEAREANCE:white solid


CAS No:1310 -73-2

HS Code: 2815110000

EINECS No.:215-815-5

PACKAGE : 200kg/250kg/400kg iron drum

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1.Product Introduction of the Caustic Soda Solid

Sodium hydroxide in solid form, also called caustic soda, is an inorganic chemical compound belonging to the strongest alkali. In solid form, it is a white substance with crystalline appearance (flakes). It has hygroscopic properties. It is perfectly soluble in water, forming corrosive soda lye , which is accompanied by the release of significant amounts of heat.

The raw material of our caustic soda solid is Ionic Membrane caustic soda liquid. All raw materials are from China State-owned large-scale chlor-alkali plants. At the same time, to fulfill corporate social responsibility and reduce pollution, our factory replaced coal with natural gas as energy.

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the Caustic Soda Solid 

The content of NaOH in this product is caustic soda solid 96%, the detail specification is as below:

Caustic Soda















3.Product Feature And Application of the Caustic Soda Solid

Caustic soda solid constitutes an essential reactant in the production of many useful organic chemicals (more than 30 % of caustic production goes into this application).

Caustic soda solid in Inorganic chemicals like paints, glass and ceramics and uses in fuel cell production and cosmetics are also very important.

The paper, pulp and cellulose industries are major users of solid caustic soda.

Other areas where caustic is essential are: the food industry, water treatment (for the flocculation of heavy metals and acidity control), the soaps and detergents sectors, the textile sector (as a bleaching agent), mineral oils (preparation of greases and fuel additives) and the synthesis of the synthetic fibre rayon

About four per cent of caustic soda production is used in the process of refining aluminium from its ore bauxite.

The remainder of the caustic production (more than 17%) has miscellaneous applications, like the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds, rubber recycling and the neutralisation of acids.


4.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Caustic Soda Solid

1.Free sample and E-catalogue are available

2.Fast delivery and good customer service

3.Respond in 24 hours to enquiry, feedback and other requirements

4.200kg Iron drums, or customized as your requirement.


5.Product Qualification of the Caustic Soda Solid证书图片


6. FAQ

Q : Are you a factory or trading company?   

A : We are factory, the factory located at Tianjin city and Shandong province. 

Q : How can I get sample for testing?

A : Kindly send us your address, and we will arrange sample for you immediately.

Q : Do you accept third party inspection ?

A: Yes,we do.

Q: When will I get reply?

A: We ensure you fast response, fast service. Emails will be replied in 12 hours, your questions will be answered in time.

Q: How about the storage and transport?

A: It should be stored in a dry and ventilating warehouse. Be cautious to keep away from moisture and heat; unloaded with care, so as to avoid the damage. Furthermore, it should be stored separately from poisonous substances.

Q: What about the shipping?

A: We have direct and strong cooperation with shipping company, such as CMA, KMTC, MSK, MSC etc., you can also choose your own shipping forwarder.

Q: What is your main product?

A: Our main products are Caustic soda Flakes,Caustic soda Pearls,Caustic soda solid with annual output of 600,000mts each.

Q: How do you control the quality?

A:Our factory is equipped with professional technicians to control quality, out inspectors take sample for testing every 2 hours to ensure the quality of our production. We also accept BV, SGS or any other Third-party inspection. 

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