PVC futures continued to fall, driving the spot to fall. On the foreign side, due to the recent decline in the crude oil market and the impact of foreign public health events, the demand for PVC has greatly decreased, resulting in a large impact on PVC exports and poor industry confidence. At the domestic level, downstream PVC companies have resumed work and demand has shown a slow growth trend. However, the multidimensional system just needs to purchase, and the transaction is limited, and it is difficult for most manufacturers to ship. At present, the supply side of PVC is slightly abundant, and the inventory is still at a high level. Most manufacturers cut prices and sell goods, but the actual transaction is general, the focus of the transaction is lowered, and the manufacturer may enter the maintenance in advance to maintain costs. In the short term, there are no significant positive signals abroad and at home for the PVC market. Futures and spot prices frequently fall, and the market as a whole is sluggish and the market is weak.

Although crude oil has rebounded sharply, it is difficult to reverse the long-term downturn in oil prices. It is expected that crude oil will still fluctuate at a low level in the near future, and it is not ruled out that it may continue to probe lower. A public health event is a pandemic, which may trigger a sharp contraction in economic activity and cannot support the price of ethylene, so business analysts expect that ethylene prices will continue to decline in a narrow range. In terms of calcium carbide, in late March, calcium carbide market mainly fluctuated slightly. The market outlook predicts that the price of calcium carbide in the northwest region may decline slightly in late March.

It is expected that the PVC market may continue to fall in the short term.

Post time: Mar-27-2020
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