At the beginning of this week, the performance of the hydrogen peroxide market was mixed. The north was sporadic, and the south waited to see the finishing. The supply and demand news was more concentrated.

Caprolactam was bearish for many parties and prices fell one after another during the week. The cost of pure benzene has fallen sharply due to the impact of the international crude oil market, and the pessimism of the industry has increased. As a result of the sluggish demand for high-speed spinning chips in the downstream polymerization, the low-start state of the polymerization plant will be maintained. It is expected that in the short term, the market will continue to be inadequate due to insufficient caprolactam support, and many parties may continue to lower the price or continue to test.

In papermaking, hydrogen peroxide downstream paper companies have gradually resumed production, and domestic transportation has basically resumed. The pulp market inventory is still at a high level. The downstream operating rate is low and it is mainly needed. At present, less paper for schools does not meet the original peak season demand. Demand for hydrogen peroxide is still limited.

In summary, there is a device maintenance plan in the northern region of the hydrogen peroxide supply market in the future. The resource supply is expected to decrease. Although the downstream caprolactam manufacturers started in the early period to bring short-term support, caprolactam currently suffers from the overall cost of the bearish losses. At present, only the paper mills need to support the current demand side. It is expected that the overall hydrogen peroxide market will be mainly weak and stable. After the water companies stabilize their prices, low-inventory companies in some maintenance areas may have a slight increase. Changes in operating rates and inventory changes in water companies.


Post time: Mar-24-2020
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