Affected by the centralized maintenance of enterprises, the domestic acetic acid price rose briefly in the early stage, an increase of about 50 / ton, but the current market as a whole still shows a situation of oversupply. The downstream market is dominated by consumption contracts, and the market's substantial demand has not improved. With the continuous recovery of parking maintenance for enterprises, the market supply will be further improved. In order to reduce the subsequent pressure on the warehouse, the company intends to make profits for shipment.

On the upstream side, the methanol market continued to fall, the consumer market declined, and regional inventory accumulated. At present, the average price is about 1702 yuan / ton, which has fallen sharply by 15.82% from last month. Domestic acetate, vinyl acetate, and acetic anhydride industries have continued to rise after a brief rise. Vulnerable operation, prices fell sharply, market negotiations were light, and downstream demand was sluggish; with the continued decline in international oil prices and low purchases in downstream markets, the PTA market fell sharply, hitting its lowest value in ten years, due to rapid declines in costs and supply and demand Suppression, it is expected that the turning point will still be difficult to come by.

The acetic acid market in North America is affected by the continued decline in methanol, and the price has fallen sharply, currently at about $ 595 / ton; the acetic acid market in Asia is affected by corporate maintenance, and the inventory has dropped significantly, but the demand is still not good. The current price is 285-340 / ton The European acetic acid market is operating weakly, with pessimism obvious. The current offer is about 595 euros / ton.

As companies gradually resume production and the price of methanol has fallen sharply, the favorable factors have gradually weakened. As there is no sign of improvement in the downstream market, negotiations within the industry are empty and pessimism spreads. It is expected that the market outlook will be weak.

Post time: Mar-25-2020
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