Short Description:

COMMODITY: Glacial acetic acid / Carboxylic Acid

APPEARANCE: Colorless Transparent Liquid


STANDARD: GB/T 676-2007

CAS No: 64-19-7

HS  CODE : 2915211900

EINECS No: 200-580-7

UN NO.:2789

PACKAGE :  30kg/drum; 220kg/drum; 1.1ton/drum

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Product Introduction of the Glacial Acetic Acid

Acetic acid , systematically named ethanoic acid, is a colorless liquid organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COOH (also written as CH3CO2H or C2H4O2). When undiluted, it is sometimes called glacial acetic acid.

Acetic acid is the second simplest carboxylic acid (after formic acid). It consists of a methyl group attached to a carboxyl group.

glacial acetic acid-1

Product Parameter(Specification)of the Glacial Acetic Acid

Items CH3COOH, ω/% CL, ω/% SO4, ω/% Fe, ω/% Cu, ω/% Zn, ω/% (CH3CO)2O, ω/%
Standard ≥99.5 ≤0.0001 ≤0.0002 ≤0.0002 ≤0.000 05 ------ ≤0

Product Feature And Application of the Glacial Acetic Acid


It widely used applied in such industries as of plastics, rubbers and printing etc.

glacial acetic acid used

It is an important raw material for synthesized fiber, gooey, medicines, and also a good organic solvent.


It mainly used in such products as vinyl acetate, diketene,acetate easter,acetate fiber and chloroactic acid etc.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Glacial Acetic Acid

30kg Package
Glacial acetic acid-白桶IBC1100KG集装箱

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