Acetic Acid

This week, domestic acetic acid still continued its weak operation in the early stage. Due to the high level of inventory in the industry, some enterprises bid for shipment, leading to the continuous decline of acetic acid price, and the market is in a bad mood. However, with the acetic acid production enterprises gradually entering the maintenance state, this situation is expected to turn around.

On the upstream side, the trend of domestic methanol market is narrow and low, and some enterprises adjust prices for many times, but the decrease is not large; domestic acetate, vinyl acetate and acetic anhydride industries are in a weak and stable operation, enterprises have a high shipping intention, the end market demand recovers slowly, and the mentality is empty; PTA market demand gradually rises, and later supply and demand will be improved to some extent, short-term PTA will be improved by cost and demand Continue to rebound.

In a word, the overall operating rate of the enterprise will be greatly reduced, and the market speculation atmosphere is strong, but at present, the market inventory is still high, most of the enterprises focus on long-term and consumption inventory, the downstream demand recovers slowly, and the actual demand is still weak. It is expected that the acetic acid market will operate stably in a short time. In the long run, after the downstream production resumes in April, the acetic acid price will recover.

Post time: Mar-12-2020
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