At present, the demand of hydrogen peroxide in the northern market is generally on demand, which is mainly stable. In addition, due to the weather, the commencement and transportation of downstream caprolactam are blocked. It is reported that the bidding situation of some paper mills is not as expected, the high price is still expected to be lowered, and the inventory of water enterprises is mainly reduced. The unit maintenance in some areas of the southern market is good for the local and surrounding markets to some extent, but the downstream demand is generally maintained Weak, good transmission, flexible market adjustment. At present, most of the devices on the supply side have maintenance plans, and the bidding on the demand side is gradually completed, but it is a off-season before the festival, so it can be said that the quality is mixed, the market is difficult to have the expectation of a big rise and a big fall.

H2O2 H2O2 packing

Post time: Jan-20-2020
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