Earlier this week, the performance of the hydrogen peroxide market varied from region to region, rising mainly from north to south, but the overall market remained weak and stable, and most water company stocks were under pressure.

From a supply perspective, most water companies have resumed work and some startup loads have increased significantly. Most water companies have resumed work and some startup loads have increased.

Stock pressures from caprolactam manufacturers remain. Due to the sluggish demand for high-speed spinning chips from downstream polymerization, after the plunge in crude oil this week, conventional spinning chips have once again become a weak market. The low starting state of the polymerization unit will be maintained. It is expected that the market will continue to weaken in the short term due to insufficient support for caprolactam. Prices may continue to fall, but the commissioning of some large caprolactam plants has shown support for hydrogen peroxide.
In papermaking, papermaking companies downstream from hydrogen peroxide have gradually resumed production. In addition, domestic transportation has basically resumed. Inventories in the pulp market remain high. Prices are expected to fall. The industry is optimistic about the prospects of the bottom market. It is expected that paper companies will still have limited hydrogen peroxide in the future.

Printing and dyeing started one after another, and the demand for hydrogen peroxide in some areas began to improve. There is no doubt that this will bring a wave of support and wait for the follow-up to begin.

Overall, the supply of hydrogen peroxide in the northern region has rebounded from this weekend to the beginning of this week due to the maintenance of water supply companies and support from downstream caprolactam demand. There will also be an equipment maintenance plan this weekend. Ushering in a wavelet rally again? It is expected that there will be no shortage of opportunities to develop the market in the northern market. Special attention needs to be paid to the strength and other requirements of the downstream caprolactam. The South China market is currently well supplied. In the case that the downstream market only needs to receive goods, the inventory pressure is still relatively large, and the overall contradiction between supply and demand is more prominent. In the case that the industrial chain has not been fully restored for the time being, it is expected that the high-end prices in the southern market may decrease, but the magnitude will not be too large. We need to pay more attention to changes in downstream demand and trends in the northern market.

Post time: Mar-17-2020
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