The supply of caustic soda market increased, but demand recovered slowly and the market oversupply. Willingness to trade in the caustic soda market is not high, and trading is tepid. At present, the overall start-up of caustic soda enterprises is slowly recovering, the supply side is increasing, and the market is showing an oversupply trend. Downstream market demand is poor, and downstream alumina has limited support for caustic soda. Alumina is still affected by the tight supply of aluminum ore, making it difficult to increase startup speed. Demand for caustic soda is limited and overall support for caustic soda is weak. At present, the market trading atmosphere is relatively light.

The supply-demand relationship in the caustic soda liquid market is not well supported, and prices continue to weaken. Caustic soda prices are expected to continue to fall in the short term, depending on downstream market demand.

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Post time: Mar-18-2020
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