PVC Resin

Short Description:

COMMODITY: Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

APPEARANCE:  Non-toxic/odorless white power

M.F.: [CH2CHCl]-n

STANDARD: GB/T5761-2006

CAS No: 9002-86-2

HS CODE :3904109001

EINECS No: 618-338-8

PACKAGE : 25kg/bag 45kg/bag

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Tianjin Jiahengyuan International Trade Co.,Ltd



is a manufacturing and trading chemical Enterprise that mainly processes and sells lonic Membrane Caustic Sode of industries grade,food grade and chemical grade. Jiahengyuan has the right of import anort independently and we are lacated in TEDA. Tianjin and 5 kilometers away from Tianjin Port.

Our factories

are located in Tianjin and Shandong Province,which was only Caustic Soda Plants formerly. As the scales of company continued to expand from 2005 to 2016,in order to establish and improve the management mechanism of enterprises to adapt to the growing market demand,we finally established a modern company business model in 2016.


have nearly 20 years experience of professional production and our current capacity of Caustic Soda production has got 120 thousand MT annually.

Product Description

PVC Resin: the thermoplastic high-molecular polymer made by the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer.

The molecular formula :- (CH2 - CHCl) n - (N: degree of polymerization, N= 590 ~ 1500).

Product Detail



Type Degree of polymerization K value Purpose
SG-1 1800-1650 77-75 High-grade insulating materials
SG-2 1650-1500 75-73 Insulating materials, soft products
SG-3 1500-1350 73-71 Insulating materials, Film, shoe
SG-4 1350-1200 71-69 Membrane, hose, artificial leather
SG-5 1150-1000 68-66 Hard tube, Profile
SG-6 950-850 65-63 Hard tube,Fiber, transparent sheet
SG-7 850-750 62-60 Blow molding bottle, transparent sheet, injection molding
SG-8 750-650 59-55 Injection molding
TypeDegree of polymerizationK valuePurpose
SG-11800-165077-75High-grade insulating materials
SG-21650-150075-73Insulating materials, soft products
SG-31500-135073-71Insulating materials, Film, shoe
SG-41350-120071-69Membrane, hose, artificial leather
SG-51150-100068-66Hard tube, Profile
SG-6950-85065-63Hard tube,Fiber, transparent sheet
SG-7850-75062-60Blow molding bottle, transparent sheet, injection molding
SG-8750-65059-55Injection molding


PVC application

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